Sunday Mornings in Hell

Session 02 - Into the Breach!

And so the descent into the depths begins!

Cardiana Hawklight
Wilboar Lack-Kin

Explored the western part of the Canyon – discovering a hand-carved surface mini-dungeon filled with debris from endless numbers of former adventuring parties. They also discovered one very sick and infested Raccoon. Wilboar tried to put it out of it’s misery and failed… and was bit. He is now suffering the cold sweats and is sleeping poorly.

Marrath discovered a worn and unadorned metal ring which proved to be the 2nd half of a lock-and-key teleportation system within the dungeon. So far, only one trip was taken to a private and secluded small chamber (where an old decaying spellbook was discovered).

Just prior to descending into the dungeon proper, the party got a glance at some brigands who are observing their progress. They decided to not fight them at this time – preferring instead to descend.

In the dungeon, the party found that most of the rooms were well kept. Apparently Kobolds keep the 1st level of the dungeon tidy. Some of the stonework is very shoddy in places… but some is quite good. In fact, some is clearly Dwarven in make – even in bondage and forced to dig their own prison, the Dwarves refused to do anything less than masterwork.

The party came across a Dwarven Scholar named Snorri Broadshoulders and his two student/apprentices Barad and Dolgrin. He is a friendly type but wholly consumed in discovering what Dwarven workmanship lies in the Dungeon. He has found a nice sanctuary on the first level where he studies what has been left behind by the Dwarves. He rumors that the dwarves still dwell in Stonehell – probably on some lower level. He has promised aid to the party if they will report back any Dwarven findings for his notes.

And with that… the party has holed up and slept for the night. A fitful night’s rest… well, excepting, of course, poor Wilboar who is shivering.



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