Sunday Mornings in Hell

Session 03 - Weal or Woe!

Cardiana Hawklight
Wilboar Lack-Kin

Due to a snafu in scheduling… our smallest group of the adventure. But still a great session as the group met with Snorri’s two apprentices: Barad and Dolgrin. Both young dwarves on the academic path – they are assisting Snorri with cataloging everything Dwarven in the dungeon. But Barad dreams of more – he was rather taken with the adventurers and asked them many questions. Ultimately, he stayed behind with Snorrin but you can see he has the lust for adventure in his eyes.

The group continued to explore quadrant 1A of the Dungeon. Hearing noises of mining/construction to the west they came across a room with a locked door they could not pass. Being of Dwarven make, they convinced Snorrin to find a way in – and so he did. Inside was a huge 10’ Dwarven head with sparkling gem eyes and smoke lightly coming out of its mouth (think dry-ice fog a band would have during a concert). The head answers 3 questions per day – the first set of questions was quite wasted :)

A short time later, the group stumbled upon some unfinished caverns which were carved by natural running water. A sign signaling “Da Dragon’s Den” did not dissuade the group. They found the dragon in short order – apparently the mining Kobolds can’t tell the difference between a real dragon and a Giant Gecko. Though maybe with good reason – the gecko was quite the pest – spitting acid and causing quite a bit of damage to Wilboar’s armor. Speaking of which, the Dwarf’s condition was still grave. He remains sick from the Raccoon bite – but fortunately did not get any worse. After defeating the Gecko (Bugg smash!!), the Kobold miners who showed up to watch the fight were impressed, and fearful. A bit of intimidation caused the Kobolds to spill their guts on the surrounding rooms – a bit more of the map revealed. The item of most interest was the Wheel of Weal or Woe. Each character can spin it once per day to have something good or bad happen. And for all three characters, something bad happened – ranging from lost experience, to slowness to negative modifiers for the remainder of the day. But I’m sure the group will be back in the morning for another chance to do more harm :)

After dealing with Wheel, the group entered the first ancient crypt where some of the original dead from Stonehell were buried. They came across a bone altar, a smiling skull and a secret room – good treasure was found but Wilboar has been cursed and is now laughing hysterically at, well, everything. He is drawing attention to the group – hopefully the curse will pass soon! In the crypt they found a Zombie who crawled out after the group – Cardiana tried to turn the creature and failed. Wilboar was sick and laughing. Bugg managed to fell the creature but one turn too late – and Cardiana fell to the undead who had paralyzed her with fear.

Our first casualty of Stonehell Dungeon. But it won’t be our last.



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