Sunday Mornings in Hell

Session 04 - The Quiet Crypts


Wilboar Lack-Kin
Redmond Allweather

After a short stint in the ancient crypt where our first party member fell, the group was joined by a new cleric and another Dwarf (I’m going to RETCON in that this dwarf was one of Snorri’s academic students). They escaped from the crypt and the new characters decided to spin the Wheel of Weal or Woe. And, once again, it only came up woe! (honest, it’s 50/50). This time both spinners were polymorphed into small normal animals. Redmond was transforemed into a Hampster. Cragstor turned into a Ferret. And so their mini story began! A fight ensued with the Hobgoblin boss who proved too much for a party of half-furries. They ran and ran all the way to the upper left quadrant… into the Quiet Crypts!

The Crypts proved to be very mysterious. Hallways fill with fog and the gentle lapping of waves are heard as a phantom funeral skiff eerily floats by. Evil-Undead debris and detritus wisked up into a whirlwind assaults and batters the players. Skeletons and Ghouls abound. One strange door had scratches on both sides – with a sekeleton inside trying to get out (but otherwise was not attacking the party). Hampsters are good at crawling under doors – but apparently still can’t turn undead.

Anyway, the fearless group got through a section of the Quiet Crypts and found themslevs at a stairwell to level 2. Not yet wanting to go down, they further explored south of the Crypts… pushing their way through a descecrated temple and mounds of semi-religious debris they were attacked by Stirges who really took their toll on the ailing party. Though both polymorphed critters had now returned to their normal forms, the group was battered. They returned to the Oracle room to sleep/rest and ask a few more questions. Apparently the Funeral Skiff is an omen – death awaits the characters. It will find them. It’s only a matter of time.

If you believe in such things.

I totally forgot to apply the penalty for Wilboar laugh-attack. But it’s passed now. And, really, the hampster and ferret stole the show.


Forgot to add the laugh penalty? That’s funny….

Session 04 - The Quiet Crypts

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